No Mossad-Israeli embassy in NZ thanks

Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity

  • Repeated use of white phosphorus in neighbourhoods heavily populated with women & children. White Phosphorus effects large areas & kills indiscriminately anyone exposed to its atmosphere [1].
  • Continual theft of Palestinian homes, land & resources [2].
  • Harvesting Palestinian organs secretly for profit [3].
  • International Terrorism, such as the false flag USS Liberty attack & assassinations carried out internationally [4]
  • Enslaving Palestinians psychologically & economically through the implementation of racist apartheid policy, denying them human rights, & international aid. [2]
  • Although no WMDs were ever found in Iraq, Israel supported its invasion under the false pretext of Iraq having them. Today Israel is trying to justify an invasion of democratic Iran by attempting to fabricate another WMD conspiracy theory.

–          Israel’s continual crimes are also a great slur on good people that follow the Jewish faith, as Israel has politicized itself as a Jewish state in order to inflate its out of control national sentiment.

–          Israel’s continual crimes are also a great slur on good people of the Semitic race, as Israel has also politicized itself as representing the Semitic people to further power its fascist national sentiment.

Exposing Israel’s Whitewash in NZ

Currently Israel is looking to set up an embassy in Wellington to whitewash its exploitation, terrorism and war crimes in New Zealand, and abroad.

Israel’s continued war crimes and terrorism relies on the following whitewash agendas                     :

  • Promoting Israeli Nationalism to justify continual exploitation of Palestinians and further expansion.
  • Promoting the deception that Israel Nationalism is supported religiously by all Jews, to further inflate Nationalist sentiment.
  • Pseudo-reformism – promote the illusion that they will stop exploiting Palestinians soon, but that it must be done slowly (never).
  • Israel Blood-trade for NZ Good-will. New Zealand has a good clean international human rights image, and if Israel trades with us, they hope that some of our good-will is going to cleanse them of their war crimes. Conversely NZ’s good-will and image would become stained red. Israel would like to share & trade their ill-begotten exploits with New Zealand business.
  • Promote apathy towards Palestinians & Iranians by not recognising their human rights, voice, or economic independence and keeping them out of NZ media.
  • Make vain attempts to demonise anti-Israelis, with the desperate blind assumption that we must all be anti-Semitic, anti-Jew racists.

Say NO to an Israeli Embassy in NZ

Don’t get cynical, get informed & get constructive. Detecting the controlled whitewash and understanding what is really happening is a huge step towards speeding justice of those exploited by Israels war criminals.

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[1] White Phosphorus: Repeated use of white phosphorus on populated civilians of woman & children. White Phosphorus is a weapon that kills indiscriminately everyone exposed to air, over a large area

Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories: Israel’s use of white phosphorus against Gaza civilians “clear and undeniable”

Gaza victims’ burns increase concern over phosphorus

White Phosphorus, on Palestine this time

Israel ‘using white phosphorus’

Israeli soldiers ‘disciplined’ over UN compound attack in Gaza

UN team finds 340 unexploded Israeli bombs in Gaza

White phosphorus: “The patient came back smoking”

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Blinding the Children: Israel and White Phosphorus in Gaza

Human Rights Watch decries Israel’s use of white phosphorus in report

Human Rights Watch says Israeli military using white phosphorus in Gaza; shells made in U.S.

Israel/Palestine: Coalition of Women for Peace on Goldstone Deadline

Birth defects in Gaza increase due to war effects

[2] Continual theft of Palestinian homes, land & resources

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Israeli Occupation Archive

Chronology of the Occupation

Who Profits – Exposing the Israeli Occupation Industry

Jews Against the Occupation

A Jewish Voice of Opposition to the War on Palestinians

[3] Harvesting Palestinian organs for profit.

Israel Admits Harvesting Palestinian Organs

Ukrainian kids, new victims of Israeli ‘organ theft’

Israel opens organ theft hearing

Accusation of Organ Theft Stokes Ire in Israel

Israel slams Swedish tabloid’s organ theft story

Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine

Israel’s organ theft unforgivable: PFLP

Wikipedia on Organ Theft

Swedish reporter repeats IDF organ theft allegations, this time in Israel

metapedia on Israeli human organ harvesting scandal

Palestinian officials accuse Israel of organ harvesting

Swedish Newspaper Cleared over Israel Organ Theft claims

Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft

Butchers: The hidden truth about Israel’s kidney theft ring

UN propagates Israeli organ theft allegation

[4] Israeli Terrorist attacks and assassinations

‘Dubai murder another act of Israeli state terrorism’

Israel is accused of waging covert war across the Middle East

Israel Accused Of Massive War Crime Atrocities

Israeli and US death squads infesting the world

Israeli terrorism: Massacre of Deir Yassin

Israeli Terrorism

Israeli Terrorism and the Framing of Muslims


Israel Gave Orders To Kill Palestinian Civilians & Destroy Homes

Wikipedia List of Israeli assassinations

Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty

What I Saw That Day – USS Liberty Terrorism Book Overview

USS liberty veterans association

USS Liberty Cover Up

BBC Dead In The Water – documentary USS+Liberty&emb=0#


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